Economic Development Program

Managing annual federal grants which help to develop, coordinate, and manage our regional economic development program.

EDA provides an annual federal grant which is used to develop, coordinate and manage a regional economic development program.


County coordination of the program is through the R6 Regional Council Technical Committee. This committee is made up of each county’s economic development director/coordinator, the Board Chair of the SCEDD, and representatives of partner agencies with a regional economic development emphasis.

Additionally, staff provides technical assistance to counties as they work toward goal attainment of their economic development endeavors.

This includes monthly attendance and participation in county economic development council/board meetings as well as other involvement as requested.

Other staff responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizing bi-monthly meeting and taking minutes, annual EDA grant development, district reports, audits, correspondence, development and management of a five-year plan known as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), interface and coordination with partner agencies, training of local officials and board members, and other duties as assigned.